Akshat Solar is a top-notch brand of batteries offering distinct types of batteries out of all one is solar battery getting highly demanded in market due to its easy and efficient working. Solar batteries offer low self discharge rate, better performance, long-lasting durability, higher current and power efficiency which makes them most suitable from users point of view. Some of the major applications of such batteries are solar inverters, solar domestic or street lights and many others. Each product is designed very precisely using highly advanced technologies being used now a days. It costs very effective along with advanced features among all other battery brands available in the market. Solar battery is one which is especially designed to make proper use of resources.

Suitable For:

1. Solar Power Plants

2. Solar Street Lights

3. Solar Home Lighting Systems


1. Excellent charge acceptance

2. High Brushing Strength Tubular Gauntlets

3. More Ribs on Container for Better Strenght

4. Greater protection against leakage and protection

5. Specially Designed Cross Ribbed P.E. Separator Sleeves

6. Capable of withstanding deep discharge and over charge

7. Designed For deep cycle capabilities and longer service life

8. Specially Mixed Corrosion Resistant Alloy for Spines and Grids.

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