Off-Grid Solar Power Plant

"Off Grid" or "Stand Alone" Systems are the systems that are installed on a Standalone basis without any support from the utility power. These systems are mostly installed in areas where utility power is not available or not reliable. The power produced from sunshine is either used directly or stored in rechargeable batteries for later use.

These systems could either be used to charge the batteries that serve as an Energy Storage device or could work directly using the solar energy a available in the day times. The applications where the Solar Energy is stored in the batteries include Home lighting systems, Hoarding lights, Street lights, Diesel Replacement Systems, Portable Lanterns, etc.

Advantages of off grid solar power plant:

1. Self-sufficient, decentralized supply

2. No fossil fuels needed, uses free energy from Sun

3. Excess energy is stored in batteries and can be used as needed

4. Robust, durable and low-maintenance

5. Ecological contribution to the energy transition

6. 80% depreciation

7. Pollution - Free

Where we can use Off-Grid Solar Power Plant:

Ideal for Home, Factory, Office, School, Collages, Hostel, Hotels, Hospitals, Agriculture Dairy & Food Processing, Government Offices, Petrol Pumps, Water Pumping Systems and Distant locations

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