Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lighting Systems are raised light sources which are innovatively integrated with power generation, storage and maintenance system, CFL / LED lamp, battery, control electronics, Solar Photo Voltaic Module, Mounting structure and associated hardware. This integrated system is a modern lighting system for illumination of streets, squares, junctions, avenues and key intersections located in areas without access to the power grid. The lighting system is designed aesthetically and really useful for conserving power and producing light in a hassle free manner for the benefit of public. It helps the clients to reduce the power bills and a solution to power cuts.

Suitable For:

1. Street / Out-door lighting

2. Garden lighting

3. In school / college / institution campus

4. In lawns


1. Automatic dusk to dawn / Timer operation / Motion Sensors

2. Highly efficient MPPT charge controller

3. Three step charging algorithm

4. Temperature compensated battery set points

5. Weather proof luminaries

6. Adequate protections and indications

7. Compact design, sleek appearance and energy efficient


1. Saving in Electricity Bills

2. Low Maintenance

3. Auto switch on/off

4. High Reliability

5. Back up for non suuny days

6. Pollution - Free system

7. Easy Installation

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